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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 30, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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she is here and deadly. hurricane sandy and to blame for two deaths in maryland. this morning we're bringing you the latest. as had heavy rain and high winds continue out there. we start this tuesday morning. look at that tree on the house. >> from the beach to the mountains, we have your covered this morning with the super storm that hit every part of our state. we have team coverage. thank you for joining us, tuesday morning. megan pringle. >> and charlie crowson. all right. we are going to go to the nation capital. it was hit hard. this is the constitution.
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the winds whipping there. the wind and the rain. it the right a live shot this morning in baltimore. >> yes. that is a community that is seeing a lot of flooding. that is the case throughout central maryland. flooding in areas, down trees and debris in the other areas. so, you might be wondering are we out of the woods yet? here is lynette charles. all right. megan, what is in store. more wind and also more rain coming in across the area. let's talk about hurricane sandy. what is going on with it right now. it is post tropical. we're not dealing with a tropical system. the winds sustained at 70 miles per hour. that is hurricane force winds. the pressure is beginning to go back up, which is a good thing. it is losing energy over land. now, we look at maryland's most powerful radar now. we can see a big shield of rain coming in here. we're looking at oranges and yellow. so, heavy rain in spots this morning. this heavy rain will continue
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to work its way through the area as we go through time. so, we can actually zoom in on a couple of areas. the heaviest rainfall where it is now. basically around baltimore, we're also seeing the heavy stuff around rockville. really, you still need to be off the roads. because we're dealing with heavy rain. with that, we do have flooding also. but check out the rainfall totals already. so, parkville over 5 inches, close to 6 inches of rain. we're still looking at the rain coming down this morning. here are the totals. these totals are what i just showed you on the radar. these totals this morning, the numbers that i just showed you were from yesterday. so the numbers will continue to pile up throughout the day. we will talk about the winds the next time i see you. all right. now, time savor traffic.
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good morning. well, many people are waking up this morning without power. there is quite a bit of storm damage across the region. we have fallen power lines and more flooding on route 24. and the speed limit has been reduced the 45 miles per hour. it is a, it is extremely important to abide by this speed limit. because it is very slick out there. over to you. 3 minutes after 4:00. we are following breaking news out of any roundal county. there was a call about a tree
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that fell to a house. when they arrived they found the victim trapped inside. this is the second death in maryland since sandy hit. we have a crew in the area. we will bring you live coverage and reports throughout the morning. also this morning we are waking up to see what sandy has left behind. >> from debris to down trees, power lines after a real mess out there. it could get worse as the day goes on. a big problem from hurricane sandy, that many people are dealing with today is flooding. we saw it with the live shot. >> that's right. we are live this morning. >> well, we are in the hampton area and basically take a look here. this is the jones falls here. it is simply raging. you can hear the water. we're seeing flooding. we're in the clifford mill area, where yes. there is flooding here. now, we are right under the jfk. there are a number of
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businesses in this area right across the jones falls here. their parking lot is flooded this morning. you can see the athletic club and the water in the parking lot. this area is no stranger to flooding for the businesses and homes. they experienced problems with other storms in the low lying area. the city department of transportation has closed roads and intersections because of the flooding. this include where we are standing. the mayor stephanie rawlings- blake request, police officers and emergency responders are on the streets to respond to any problems. the last couple of days we have seen a big police pleasant. just a few minutes ago we saw an officer drive by this morning. it is in an effort to keep people safe. the city has received calls for
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down treed power lines and flooding. yesterday there was a restrictions for roadways. it started last night at 6 to mean p.m. and through noon today. it does not include uniformed personnel, hospital employees and other medical providers. it is important to note that baltimore city has opened six shelters. that's for people who have been displaced because of hurricane sandy. because of down treed or flooding or anything related to the storm. they have six shelters open there. are 23 shelters throughout the state of maryland. but six in baltimore city if you need a place to go. reporting live, abc 2 news. well, the eastern shore took the brunt of the storm. we have seen a lot of damage. we are talking about ocean city and the bay. >> joining us on the phone is kirk. he came to us to help out with storm coverage. this morning he is on kent
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island. what is the damage? >> reporter: well, we have not seen a lot of trees being ripped out by the winds. the winds have not become strong enough to to that. but we're seeing flooding. certain neighborhoods are having issues. where entire front yards are just filled with water. we have seen the parking lots and low lying areas filled with water this morning. at this point it appears most of the canals and the areas around the bay haven't quite reached their banks. but they were on the brink of that last night when we checked some of those out. a lot of people are on edge. a lot of people are anxious and hoping that the recent stops. guys this morning the wind continues. the rain continues out here. a lot of people are taking their cars where they live in the low lying areas, near the canals and moved them to higher areas. so, when you drive through the neighborhoods, we're seeing higher areas where 10 to 15 cars are parked in an effort
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for people to keep their cars out of harms way incase they start getting flooding. >> all right. people are taking responsibility for their own what are you seeing in way of emergency crews working the streets? running around there, ambulance, fire, police, what are you seeing from the emergency responders? >> reporter: i got to tell you for the most part, we have not seen much of anybody in the streets after a few police officers just kind of roaming the streets and keeping an eye on things. that's about it. at this point it is a matter of everybody staying off the road. even emergency personnel, staying out of the way and let's wait until this is over. we have not heard of a need for ambulances or situations like that. at this point it is quiet. people are here, but they are not going outside for the most part. >> all right, kirk from our center station in arizona. all right. we will be checking in with you in a little bit. thank you very much. >> no problem. >> all right. more in a minute.
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also this morning. >> 2 million-gallons of feces. it is a situation in howard county thanks to sandy. there is a sewage overflow in howard county. given the volume of the overflow, those living in and around the area are being urgeed to avoid the river. one week from today we're going to head to the poll physical 2012 -- polls for the presidential election. early voting is not going on today because of hurricane sandy. he is hoping the days will be made up. >> there governor is keeping a close eye on the storm. he is monitoring it. he is expected to give another update on the super storm. hurricane sandy, as it progresses and we learn more this morning around 10:30. as you know, hurricane sandy made landfall last night
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bringing with it a downpour of rain and really strong winds. you probably heard them howl last night. she is to blame for 13 deaths up and down the coast. we will bring you the press conference live here on abc 2 news. again, that is expected to happen at 10:30 this morning. and if you are just joining us. we are on earlier this normal this morning and bringing you the coverage on air and on the line. if you have to go to work today and you're curious what is going on watch us on yes. maryland is feeling the wrath of hurricane sandy, she hit up- and-down the east coast.
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thanks for joining us for this special extended coverage, you're looking at a live picture this morning of coney island in new york. there are reports that the new york stock exchange has several feet of water. two people are dyinged from the wrath of this storm. a tree fell on a house in westchester county, that is outside of new york city killing two boys. the floodwaters have filled up the subways and the tunnels
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making getting around impossible. this is a ory for days. >> look at this video for you. the facade of a building in manhattan just fell off. you can see into the apartments on the second and third floors. no one was hurt. but events like this including fires in new york city. right now, there is a fire involving 50 homes in new york. now, atlantic city, new jersey, the particular spot is a terrorists town. it is flooded. it would be full of cars, but it impassable. sandy made landfall at 8:00. the area is under water. a 50-foot piece of the boardwalk washed away earlier in the day. at least 13 people in new jersey died from this storm. they are saying there could be more deaths downed as they start the recovery efforts today. we are calling it a super storm. the wind and the rains that we're dealing with.
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in parts of north carolina snow. students in appalachian state university had to bundle up on their way to class. talk about a shock to the system. a week ago? of the kids were wearing shorteds and t-shirts. some schools had to cancel classes because of snow. >> incredible. sandy is bringing back memories from hurricane irene and giving you the side of the storms and how they compare. this image from nasa. the one on the left is hurricane sandy and right is irene. it is uncommon for a tropical system to track so far, north, especially during this time of the year >> it is so late in the year, it has taken a lot of people by surprise. we were talking about this with lynette and up to the arrival. the wind, the rain and the severity on our side of the storm. this is a perfect mix to the east and west. that's right.
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that's our 2 degree guarantee. snow to the west. west virginia and western maryland, up to 2 to 3 feet of? snow. so, yes. you know what, even in the forecast i would not be surprised if this moved further to the east. maybe carol county, big wet flakes into the evening and tomorrow morning. that is not out of the question for right now, we're dealing with plenty of rain coming down across the area. with that, we do have flood warnings up. that's going to be through today. maybe even through tomorrow. right now, the entire viewing area is under the flood warning and even points to the north and east. we're dealing with the coastal flood warning for today. this lingers into wednesday. we can see it for the areas here shaded in the blue color. the reason why that we're going to be dealing withhigh tides for today. we will see 2 to 4 feet of bay surge. these are your high tides.
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so, we're also dealing with the winds this morning. yes. these are sustained. we're looking at winds highest around the river, 20 right now. eastern 15, more of the same over into del us and also baltimore, but we're dealing with gusts this morning. so, we're on the gusty side. 25 mile-per-hour gusts. 26 in baltimore. these winds will pickup throughout the day. it will be another breezy day as we head into tomorrow. now, a check of the time-saver traffic. good morning. good morning. power is a big issue. if you come across an intersection without working traffic signals, treat it as a four way stop. we have power issues in hartford county.
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as we check in and take a live look, actually a picture, this was taken last night in hartford county. this is route 136. there is flooding in the area. so, be careful. if you are heading out on the main lines. this is 95 and route 152. not too much traffic out there. if you don't have to travel this morning stay at home. the roads are very slick. the speed limit has been reduced to 45 miles per hour. you're taking a live look in baltimore county. again very slick. take it slow. that will be the main important thing. you want to keep it in mind. that's a look at your traffic. back to you. >> thank you very much. we have certainly enjoyed a drop in the gas prices. hurricane sandy is likely going to send them right back up. the storm is making its way through the heart of the east coast oil refinery region. many have shutdown temporally. the real impact will comes a damage from flying debris and
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power outages. it takes refineries offline for several days. experts don't think it will take too long for the prices to go down. this morning -- coming up on abc 2 news --
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thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. extended coverage for you as we deal with hurricane sandy.
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when a monster storm like hurricane sandy arrives you look at your property and hope that you power doesn't go out. >> a man in anne arundel dies as a result of the storm. >> all right. linda is live this morning. what happened? >> reporter: we just got off the phone with anne arundel police. they tell us that a 70-year-old man was in his home, this happened around 10:15 overnight. we'll actually have brand new video for you that we just, ah, shot about two hours ago. let me show you where it happened. it was this 7700 block of suet drive in pasadena, that is off of small wood road. we're told a tree in this man's front yard fell on the left side of his house. you can see it literally splitterred the trunk of this tree. it is a huge tree. it landed on top of this roof. literally cut through this home into this kitchen.
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we're told that this man was in his kitchen. we're not sure if he was cooking at the time. no one else was home. the man lived in the home with his adult son, but he was not home at the time. the man's body is still inside of the home pinned under the tree. the tree is so huge. they will have to bring in a heavy crane to remove the tree and then the man's body will be taken to the medical examiner's office. they cannot make a positive identification on this man's body until they remove that tree. again they are waiting to bring in the heavy crane to do so. once they do positively id him, they will notify the family. his body will be taken to the medical examiner's office. again, huge tree overnight, strong winds and rain fell on top of this man's house. cut through his house into the home where this man was. linda so, abc 2 news.
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most of these look like ghost towns. hust shutdown businesses, shoots and government offices. but many of you have given photographs to us throughout the course of the day yesterday, showing your mail carriers out there hard at work. this one came to us courtesy of beth. we looked at the u.s. postal service website and they will be working again today. neither rain, snow, or dark of night. >> make sure that you thank them. they are working hard. all right. look at this picture. this is the tomb of the unknown soldier. this is dedication army guard stood watch over the tomb. despite the heavy rain and the high winds from hurricane sandy. this photo comes from the u.s. army. the tomb was built after world war 1 to honor the memory of soldiers killed in war. it has been guarded since 1948. >> that is an inspiring image
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there. so much of our lives were put on hold and stopped yesterday because of hurricane sandy. >> we took forgranted the fact that you can be inside and enjoy that. because a lot of people have to go to work. yes. the storm of the force last night. what is in store for us today? >> we're getting lots of rain and heavy rain bands this morning. that will continue throughout the day and windy conditions throughout the day as well. tropical storm force winds. so, maryland most powerful radar. we have snow to the west. rain around maryland this morning. we have it everywhere, but the heaviest stuff is coming around, anne arundel. we're also looking into randalls town. best friendtium getting in on that as well and as we slide to the south. eastern is getting a heavy round of rain right now. our last stop this morning,
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really around the washington, d.c. area. heavy rain. you can see that orange there. along i-70. so, getting wet weather and heavy weather this morning as well. that's the scenario. with that you're going to couple it with the winds. the winds sustained 20 in kent island right now, but then we put the gusts on and 47 for a gust in kent island was we will continue through the day. let's get a check of the traffic and lauren. good morning. good morning. the mta suspended service again today. anne arundel county. you will be waking up to storm damage. if you for traveling on dorsey road, that is shutdown at route 648. more problems on nursery road. those of you in howard county, we have more flooding that has closed route 103 at business
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parkway. problems in baltimore county. we have a tree down right now. here's a live look at 695. the west side at liberty road. the main lines are wet. take it slow. now the speed limit has actually been reduced to 45 miles per hour. it is extremely important for you to take it slow this morning. because it is treaty treacherous out there. back over to you. >> thank you very much. rushing water replaced rush hour traffic. look at this metro new york area. this is inside of a cuter train station in hoboken, new jersey. all mass transit in the area is shutdown this morning. three major airports. now the water seeped into the subway stations and the tunnel connecting manhattan and brooklyn. so, they have a lot of cleanup. we told you yesterday morning about the bounty ship
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that was lost at sea. >> yes. it happened in north carolina. the coastguard rescued the members on board, but one crew member died and the captain is missing with the ship. >> yes. this is the photo tweeted by the coastguard. >> 16 people were onboard of the bounty when it took on water. the captain and a crew member were tossed into a sea when a giant wave hit the boat. the owner of the ship is devastated by the loss of lives and also he is devastated by the loss of the ship. >> i have just spent, you know, my life rebuilding this ship. we saved her from literally the grave yard once. to have her go like this is heart-wrenching. >> and the captain was aware of the storm. has been sailing on the bounty for 20 years. stay with us. we will have much more coming up here on abc 2 news.
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